Sunday, August 9, 2015

Micro Map of the Week 8-9-2015

(better late than never dept.)
For our #micromapoftheweek theme of #reaper

In the north of Pembrokeshire, where the fields of the Wilmonts, Waterburys and Gentians meet, there sits a rather large outcrop of brown-gray rock. Slightly magical (at the least) it defied all attempts to remove it when the area was first settled.

Years ago some wag put a scarecrow, clad in old leather armor and holding a rusty scythe, on top of the rock. Several years later a small horde of Worgen threatened the farmers. One night the scarecrow vanished. By morning the Worgen had fled, leaving many dead scattered about their camp. A fortnight later the scarecrow reappeared, the scythe now a dark blood red.

The wise women declared this #reaper to be a protector of the area and took to leaving offerings, prayers and tithes at the base of the rock. Later a Waterbury placed benches in a semi-circle to ease the aching backs and knees of the crones. Ever since creatures or persons of evil intent have given Pembrokeshire a wide berth.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Micro Map of the Week 7-19-2015

For our #micromapoftheweek theme of #magepunk

Stretches of the prairie remain rugged and tumbled, not suitable for farming or grazing. To the north a weak Ley Line (<- to -> and beyond) gives rise to a low ridge of short trees and scrub brush several miles long. Nearby an old shed stands next to a dirt trail.

Those who have the power and will to oppose the Great Empire are secretly given a simple instruction:  Create the scene in your mind, placing your back to the stump and facing the shed. Teleport once to a point midway between the two. Then teleport again directly down 31.415 feet, no more no less.

Success brings you to the headquarters of the Alliance of Rebel Mages (ARM), an underground complex concealed by layers of magic and anti-magic, powered by the nearby Ley Line. In these awful times, failure is not an option.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Micro Map of the Week - 7-12-2015

For our #micromapoftheweek theme of #oldwest (Roaming the Prairie map #1)

There are places on the range where magics run wild and dangers lurk. At those that are known, Ranger stations mark where trails meet the border fences. Grizzled watchers warn travelers and the curious to turn back and return from whence they came. Beyond there are tall ward-encrusted totems straining to contain the essence beyond.

Some say the changing lands are remnants of terrors of an #oldwest but others suggest the wilds are changing for the better and will soon to be #newwest

Friday, June 26, 2015

Geomorph Map Contest #6

For +Inkwell Ideas 's sixth #geomorphmapcontest theme of #traps my 2nd set of entries :

The tunnels that the Dwarves once thought safe, now fall prey, due to their complacency, to the simplest of Underdark traps.

(A) The Dwarven hallways, with their ornate and timeless decorations, meander through the depths. (B) Their enemies (variously Orcs, Kobolds or other digging races) delve underneath and about those passageways. (C) Concealed nooks provide spots for spies to watch for high value targets.  (D) Below the weakened floor, a deep deadly spiked pit awaits, eager enemies filling the chamber between.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Geomorph Map Contest #6

For +Inkwell Ideas 's sixth #geomorphmapcontest theme of #traps :

The passageways in the Vault of the Titan converge on the central chamber but may never reach it.

(A) Explorers encounter animations who question the intruders. Their answers cause the corner hall to rotate (B) in various directions. Some lead to corridors with dead-end secret doors (C) triggering terrible traps. Others lead to identical paths with working secret doors (D) (but retaining possibly deadly traps) leading to the Titan's Vault (E) and its defenses, traps and treasures therein.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Geomorph Map Contest #5

For the 5th #geomorphmapcontest theme of #water ( );The tunnels of the deeps rise to the surface where the river cascades down the mountainside. The spray wets paths nearby creating slippery surfaces for the unwary traveller. #waterfalls