Sunday, October 5, 2014

Micro Map Monday 10-6-2014

 Early #micromapmonday upload, my #spirosblaak series continues with my 3rd Kraephos sectional map. (No color yet tho).

New scans when the fourth map is done as I've started tearing them out of the book (and trimming the edge) and storing them. (So I wasn't as worried about the crooked scan :) )

Micro Map Monday 9-21-2014

My #spirosblaak series continues with my 2nd Kraephos sectional map. (No color yet tho). With the maps in the same book (I've been reluctant to tear any of them out) making the edges align was fun.

Micro Map Wednesday 9-10-2014

Here's a first view of my sectional map for Kraephos.

(#micromapmonday #spirosblaak)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Micro Map Monday 9-1-2014

Hi all. Another mini-map set in the same game world. ( #micromapmonday #spirosblaak )

The island of Kraephos was formed by two volcanoes, one extinct (under the SW forest) and one active (dominating the NE half of the island). Fertile farmland and forest fills the land about the peaks, leading to sharp cliffs overlooking a storm-prone ocean. Kraephos was once much larger and the ring of islands are what remain of its coast after a titanic eruption in years past.

Need to find a lighter Berol blue marker (the coast one I used scans darkly). Remembered to add the scale. Am thinking of doing 30 x 30 mile (3 x 3 square) blow-ups of these 2 maps over the coming weeks. Hence 4 for Kraephos and 9 for Laervas.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Micro Map Monday 7-28-2014

The Mysterious Island of Laervas.
More of a mini-map (for an outline my wife and I are doing) crammed to the edges as I was scaling up a micro-map sketch. 

Decided to go with contours for the hills and hints of ridges with the coloring ...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Last Source

Having complete the four micromaps of the campaign site called The Last Source, I have combined them together into one image with the accompanying blog text in a single block below. The map borders align pretty well though I can see an unfinished tree in one spot.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Micro Map Monday 7-14-2014

The Last Source
( #micromapmonday #strangebrew )
In a world where the magic of man, demon, undead and elemental has polluted the natural essence of the land, nature has called its followers to gather at one of the last sources of pure earth magic. The witches and warlocks, of the Pure Waters coven, have accepted the charge to keep the pool and surrounding landscape clean and verdant, weaving spells and wards to conceal and hide the site from prying eyes and wandering foes.

Part 4 - Houses of the Chosen - South of the main hall and west of the ancient tower, the waters of the spring bubble along a narrow brook moving through the clearing and off into the forest depths. Here the coven built their homes, a small gathering of homespun cottages surrounded by sheds, small gardens, brush and flowers. A wooden bridge crosses the brook, completing the well-trod circle about the Source.

Scale - 1 square = 5 ft.