Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Into the Woods #3

For 11-3-2014's #micromapmonday , the ruins of a hunting lodge, whose construction woke the dormant circle underneath, now the playground of dark fae. The fate of the hunters within? Best left unsaid.

Into the Woods #2

Joining (sort of) the #mountainmadness theme for #micromapmonday   and continuing last week's theme, we continue moving "Into the Woods" where a path winds through a ravine. Above a fallen tree has created a game trail above.

Into the Woods #1

For Micro Map Monday (10/23/14) over on Google+, the theme being plants, I've started a new series of maps - "Into the Woods."

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Micro Map Monday 10-6-2014

 Early #micromapmonday upload, my #spirosblaak series continues with my 3rd Kraephos sectional map. (No color yet tho).

New scans when the fourth map is done as I've started tearing them out of the book (and trimming the edge) and storing them. (So I wasn't as worried about the crooked scan :) )

Micro Map Monday 9-21-2014

My #spirosblaak series continues with my 2nd Kraephos sectional map. (No color yet tho). With the maps in the same book (I've been reluctant to tear any of them out) making the edges align was fun.

Micro Map Wednesday 9-10-2014

Here's a first view of my sectional map for Kraephos.

(#micromapmonday #spirosblaak)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Micro Map Monday 9-1-2014

Hi all. Another mini-map set in the same game world. ( #micromapmonday #spirosblaak )

The island of Kraephos was formed by two volcanoes, one extinct (under the SW forest) and one active (dominating the NE half of the island). Fertile farmland and forest fills the land about the peaks, leading to sharp cliffs overlooking a storm-prone ocean. Kraephos was once much larger and the ring of islands are what remain of its coast after a titanic eruption in years past.

Need to find a lighter Berol blue marker (the coast one I used scans darkly). Remembered to add the scale. Am thinking of doing 30 x 30 mile (3 x 3 square) blow-ups of these 2 maps over the coming weeks. Hence 4 for Kraephos and 9 for Laervas.