Saturday, May 16, 2015

Inkwell Ideas Geomorph Map Contest #3

Inkwell Ideas has continued the theme with a third contest ( ) with the theme of shrine. (Entries are due by May 18th.)

My two entries, returning to the surface world, are the "Shrine of the Eastern Wind" and the "Shrine of the Western Seas."
Playing around, again, with multi-level geomorphs with paths in non-standard forms (walkways and docks for example).

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Inkwell Ideas Geomorph Map Contest #2 (2nd entry)

Inkwell Ideas has kicked off a second contest ( ) whose theme is lava. (Entries due by May 5th.)

This geomorph shows a set of stairs descending into a chamber whose bottom is filled with mostly encrusted lava except for a small circular area used for some purpose, where the lava has not cooled.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Inkwell Ideas Geomorph Map Contest #2

Inkwell Ideas has kicked off a second contest ( ) whose theme is lava. (Entries due by May 5th, but since I had an inspiration, I wanted to draw it before I saw something similar from someone else.)

This geomorph shows an underground complex that suffered the ravages of an unexpected lava eruption into the chambers, filling some with lava, collapsing walls and making baked mayhem. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Inkwell Ideas Geomorph Map Contest

The fine folks over at Inkwell Ideas have kicked off a Geomorph contest (using the now standard 10x10, 2 exits per side format popularized by Dyson Logos and others) - - I've attached my two entries, in the style of my #micromaps.

Micro Map of the Week - 4-12-2015

My #micromapoftheweek follows #pastpresentandfuture by combining my prior theme #intothewoods , my present theme #acrossthewastes and a future theme (something like #ontheocean or #overtheseas ) ...

Eventually the wastes come to an end, for they have yet to swallow the entire realm. In one area, the wastes meet the deep woods at water's edge. There a lone obelisk rises, overlooking the expanse of the ocean beyond. Its purpose or nature, so far, unknown to all.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Micro Map of the Week - 3-31-15

For the #micromapoftheweek multiple themes of #construction #thedepths and #food :

The Deep Cut River lives up to its name and carves a narrow, sharp canyon through the outskirts of the wastes. Explorers to its far reaches, before the long run through the moors to the seas, found a lone tree growing within the confines of the river, below the view of the lands above. That tree, tapping an ancient spur of magicks, grew fruit with many wondrous uses.

The rich and powerful, with access to flight or teleportation spells, could easily visit the tree. But fortunately for all, it would grant only one fruit per person per visit. Adventurers crafted, fixed, re-crafted and re-re-crafted a number of rope and wood bridges forming a path between stone outcroppings down to the tree. Despite their efforts, reaching the fruit was hazardous, the whipping winds and fast currents of the Deep Cut claiming many a pilgrim.

Years ago, a lone Dwarf priest-mason arrived at the site and made it his personal quest to grant all equal access. Over the years he has slowly sung stone into graceful arches forming staircases, with walls,  and flat patios, for landings. Many are grateful and supply the man with food and supplies so he might complete his good works.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Micro Map of the week - 3-22-2015

For the micromapoftheweek theme of "Lair of the Gnomish Automaton Pterasaur" (via +John Lockard and +Ray Otus ),

Millenia ago the tall mesas of the wastes were home to nests of Pterasaurs, who used the hot winds of the desert to hunt far and wide. Their calls, like screams of thunder, echoed about the columns of stone.

Years passed and the beasts died off, leaving empty nests burrowed into the tops and sides of the granite towers. Exiled clans of Gnomish raiders found the site, scaled the walls and made those caves into their new base of operation. Their engineers raised the spectre of the Pterasaurs from the dead in the form of mechanical flying vehicles that they launched from concealed bases.

Stone doors, on metal tracks, withdrew into caverns. Rails were snapped into place, extending into the air and the Automaton Pterasaur was catapulted down a slope and into the skies. Wings unfolded and the airship flew into the distance. Once missions were done, the craft returned to the top of the mesa, circled to land and was lowered by elevator to the cavern below.